Increase your staff productivity and lower project risk with expert support assistance from Octans Technologies.

Octans Support Maintenance Tiers

  • Octans Business Critical Support (BCS) is your standard maintenance and includes a comprehensive support portal, direct phone support during business hours, 24x7 support for severity 1 cases, product updates and our proactive support process called Go Live with Octans Technologies.
  • Octans Business Critical Support Plus adds 15 Education training days, a designated engineer with a direct phone number, and enhanced response times.
  • Octans Business Critical Support Premier adds all of the features of Octans BCS Plus as well as on-site planning, consulting assistance and a stored customer image.

Octans Support Value-Add Offerings

  • Octans Support Availability Manageris an experienced support professional who is focused on your business and support requirements across all of your Octans products and works as your advocate within Octans.
  • Octans High Security Support provides extra protection for the sensitive data you share with Octans during support interactions for certain Octans products by maintaining such files in a system authorizing access only by U.S. citizens.
  • Octans Extended Support enables you to continue to benefit from Octans Support on your timetable for upgrades or product transitions after product support is discontinued for the product release you are using.
  • ¬†Octans Maintenance Product Upgrade Service is a multiple product, prepackaged maintenance solution to simplify your mainframe maintenance.

Basic Octans Business Critical Support is required to purchase a Octans Support maintenance tier or value-add offering.

All Octans Business Critical Support offerings include access to Go Live with Octans Technologies, a complete experience that brings together services, support, education, partners and communities in an easy and seamless process to help you get started quickly, successfully deploy Octans technology, and get additional leverage well beyond initial deployment. Learn more here.
For additional questions or to purchase a Octans Support maintenance tier or offering, please contact your Octans Account Team or call +912942460482.