Organizations are continuously refocusing their strategy and operations in order to successfully face the challenges of an increasingly competitive business climate. In this context, IT has become the backbone of businesses to the point where it would be impossible for many to function (or to succeed) without it.

As a result of its increasing role in the enterprise, the IT function is changing from a technology provider into a strategic partner. To support this radical transformation, various IT frameworks have been developed to provide guidelines and best practices to the IT industry.


The Challenge

IT best practices need to be aligned to business requirements and integrated with one another and with internal procedures. IT best practices have become significant due to a number of factors:

  • Business mangers and boards demanding better returns on investments, i.e. IT delivers what the business needs to enhance stakeholder value
  • Increasing level of IT expenditure
  • Meet regulatory requirements for IT controls in areas such as privacy and financial reporting, e.g. the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Increasingly complex IT-related risks, such as network security
  • IT governance initiatives that include adoption of control frameworks and best practices to help monitor and increase business value and reduce business risk
  • Need for organizations to assess how they are performing against generally accepted standards and against their peers

The Solution

Octans software and services will help your organization put standards and best practice frameworks into practice.

Octans and ITIL

We can help you to unify people, process and technology towards a common goal of achieving world-class service management.

Octans and IT Governance

We can help you improve the quality of investment decision-making and ensures all IT services and investments are aligned with corporate strategy.

Octans and Governance, Risk and Compliance

We can help you unify Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) to enable you to easily view and control risks and efficiently manage compliance activities.