Cloud computing: our viewpoint

IT budgets are expected to remain relatively flat, yet business demand for technology continues to accelerate. After years of talking about IT-business alignment, it’s now clearer than ever that IT’s biggest alignment challenge is keeping up with the business.

In attempt to fill the growing IT-business gap themselves, business users are increasingly tempted to go around their IT organizations to shop and consume directly from the growing virtual supermarket of public cloud offerings for infrastructure, platform and software as a service. But here, the business trades expediencies for perils, exposing themselves to potential security and service disruption risks. And if IT can’t both add and explain its business value in this world of exploding choices, it risks becoming less relevant to the business. 

Fortunately, in these challenging times there is also a tremendous opportunity for IT to change the game to the benefit of both IT and the business. We believe successful IT organizations will transform into both a provider of agile, efficient, elastic cloud services, and a broker and orchestrator of public cloud services. This will transform IT into master of a dynamic service supply chain.

To get there, IT will need solutions that can both leverage existing investments as well as enable new green-field approaches. IT will need to overcome obstacles like virtualization sprawl, siloed provisioning, gaps in security and assurance visibility and controls can impede progress. And without a factual basis for measuring and comparing both internal and external service options, IT will struggle to assert its leadership.

Overcoming these challenges requires IT management. The agility and efficiency benefits of a operating a cloud are realized by IT management capabilities like virtualization management, dynamic provisioning, self-service and resource metering. Planning, security, assurance and support are needed for both effective delivery and responsible consumption of cloud services. To continuously optimize its business value, IT needs management to help drive fact-supported choices on which services to build or cloud-source, which public cloud services to use when, and to dynamically orchestrate how it all comes together –internal and external, virtual and physical.

Fundamentally, cloud isn’t a new technology to be managed. Cloud computing is a way of delivering, consuming and managing technology. It creates revolutionary agility and efficiency benefits through an evolution of proven management capabilities like provisioning, self-service, security and assurance that spans virtual and physical environments. Few companies have driven this broad-based evolution as a leader in IT management. Fewer still are combining such expertise with aggressive innovation to provide the solutions that safely accelerate.

Change, Configuration and Release Managementt

orchestrating changes accross IT.

Change, Configuration and Release Managementt helps you unify the handling of infrastructure and application changes by automating compliance policies, improving service availability and reducing risk from uncontrolled changes.

  • Reduce risk in operational and application changes
  • Improve time to market
  • Operate efficiently in real or virtualized environments

Octans IT Asset Managementt

Maximise your investments and control IT spending

Octans IT Asset Management helps you manage the physical and financial aspects of hardware and software assets whether on-site, virtual or in the cloud. Reduce costs, automate asset lifecycle management and self-service, and enable vendor and contract optimization with a single, integrated solution.

  • Account for assets across their lifecycles
  • Understand asset cost, risk and contracts to make strategic decisions
  • Avoid unnecessary IT asset purchases and lease penalties
  • Identify ways to drive down operational and capital

Service Desk Manager

more productivity ,less cost

 Now you can prevent service disruptions, better manage change risks, and gain a 360-degree view into your IT services to stay aligned with the business’ requirements. Octans Service Desk Manager’s comprehensive feature set is available on-premise or on-demand for unprecedented flexibility. Plan, adopt and implement ITIL best practices with support that automates the incident, problem, change, configuration and knowledge management processes. You’ll also free up staff, as you enable end-users to solve their IT problems with easy online collaborative help.

  • Automate ITIL adoption with pre-configured process workflows
  • Improve first-call resolution
  • Deliver collaborative end user self service
  • Improve service support, spend less
  • Control change with risk and root cause determination

Service portfolio management

Transform IT services, assets, resources into business services that add real value.

Service portfolio management is a strategy to demonstrate and optimize the value of your investments and resources throughout the IT service supply chain. Our solutions help you:

  • Manage operational and strategic demand
  • Improve IT investment decision-making
  • Capture the true cost of every service
  • Measure and track the performance of your entire service portfolio

 Service Level and Catalog management

Model  and measure service quality,comsumption and cost  from a top down business perspective

Change your IT organization from a reactive cost center to a proactive strategic business partner. You will gain insights to service consumption in financial terms, quality of services requests and see a top-down view of business SLAs. You can rapidly deliver IT services and prioritize your IT investments in alignment with business goals, resulting in higher value with lower risk.

  • Demonstrate IT value and alignment
  • Enhance the perception of IT and the customer relationship
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Decrease costs and reduce business risk