On Demand Solutions from Octans

In today's fast-paced global environment, everyone in your company needs the power to relentlessly streamline business processes, collaborate on actionable insights and make informed decisions – fast.

Octans and Its Partners Can Help

Industry Solutions

Project and Portfolio Management

Plan and execute your portfolio with agility

Increase agility using best practice project execution, resource optimization and comprehensive project management. Our portfolio management software can help you systematically evaluate and prioritize projects while providing visibility into strategic initiatives so you can get more out of in-house and outsourced resources, and match resources to highest-value initiatives.

Enterprise IT Management

Cloud computing: our viewpoint

IT budgets are expected to remain relatively flat, yet business demand for technology continues to accelerate. After years of talking about IT-business alignment, it’s now clearer than ever that IT’s biggest alignment challenge is keeping up with the business.

Best Practices

Organizations are continuously refocusing their strategy and operations in order to successfully face the challenges of an increasingly competitive business climate. In this context, IT has become the backbone of businesses to the point where it would be impossible for many to function (or to succeed) without it.

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