BlackBerry Application Development | BlackBerry Smartphone Solutions

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BlackBerry is booming due to its flexibility of customized application development for range of industry, business types and business needs. BlackBerry is one of the leaders in Smart phone industry.

The BlackBerry Application Development solution is used in many organizations to access personal information and mobile emails.

There are two main software platforms that are used for BlackBerry Applications Development solutions:

  • Java Micro Edition (J2ME)
  • MDS

BlackBerry Application development solutions:

At Octans, we provide BlackBerry Business Solutions to connect, wherever you are. Such as email, Customer relationship management (CRM), personal information and voice, field service, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), instant messaging, order entry, internet access and many more tools and applications which are essential for you to make important decisions speedily. To find out more about BlackBerry application development and BlackBerry business solutions that which suits your industry and business needs and business types. So please contact us.

With expert and skilled team of BlackBerry Application Programmers and Java Micro Editions programmers are glad and ready to serve businesses an effective and proper decision making solutions which helps to increase profitability and efficiency.

With advanced development tools we can make world-class BlackBerry applications and creative design optimized web services for BlackBerry Smartphones.

Octans give you facility to hire blackberry developer to develop custom blackberry application on full time, part time or hourly basis, as per your needs. Our blackberry application development services packages are flexible enough to meet your blackberry application demands.